How to Earn Bitcoins

How to Earn Bitcoins

How to earn Bitcoins is a popular search term these days. Bitcoin, the world’s first and most popular digital currency started in 2009, maybe that’s why. In just over a decade, it has gone from being an obscure topic in geeky forums to a mainstream discussion. As with any new technology or financial instrument, the hype around bitcoin has led to some speculation that its value will soon be worth more than gold.

But as with any new financial instrument, there are several ways to earn bitcoin, none of which are very profitable. The best way to earn bitcoin is by purchasing it directly from the exchange market, but that isn’t really a viable option because you don’t know what you’re going to get. Instead, below I suggest some of the ways I know how to earn bitcoin.

12 Ways to Earn Bitcoins

  1. You can mine bitcoins, but the mining Bitcoin process is very difficult and not particularly profitable. This method can also be dangerous if you have no idea what you’re doing, because you might end up losing money.
  2. The 2nd way to earn Bitcoins is buying into a bitcoin exchange like Bitstamp or Tradehill. And then you sell your bitcoins for US dollars. However, you need to be aware that the exchange rate can change at any time. This means you could end up taking a loss. Which means your hard-earned cash is now a Bitcoin investment.
  3. You can purchase bitcoins through a third party service provider. These services charge you a fee for each transaction you make, so you will have to be prepared to pay them money.
  4. You can use a bitcoin ATM. There are only a few in operation in the United States, but there are hundreds all over the world. You can use these machines to trade your dollars for bitcoins, but you’ll need to find one in your area before you go there.
  5. Try joining a bitcoin network like and trading bitcoins for other currencies. There are many people who participate in This should provide plenty of opportunities to trade your bitcoins.
  6. You can take part in the growing number of bitcoin businesses, which include a variety of payment processors, exchange services, and even a number of restaurants and hotels.
  7. Open a bitcoin account with a credit card processor like BitPay or Coinbase.
  8. You can create a website and accept bitcoins as payment.
  9. Start writing about bitcoin and get paid in bitcoins.
  10. You can create a product and sell it online using bitcoins.
  11. Simply buy a business that accepts bitcoins as payment.
  12. You can buy a franchise that accepts bitcoins as payment. This is the best way to earn bitcoins. If you’re interested in buying a franchise, I suggest you do a Google search for “franchise business” and see what comes up.

The best way to earn bitcoins is to buy a franchise. Franchising is a great way to earn bitcoins because you don’t need any money to start up a franchise. And once you have a franchise, you don’t need to do anything except collect the profits.

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