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Bitcoin Cash

The size of the bitcoin block has bothered a number of developers, miners, and others involved in the popular cryptocurrency. It seems that the limit of 1 megabyte as the block size means that only 7 transactions can be handled in one second. Because of the number of transactions increasing, this can cause the system…

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Can You Get Free Bitcoins?

Earning Free Bitcoins When you search for free Bitcoins, you are overwhelmed with offers to start earning Bitcoin. Most of these offers suggest visiting websites or playing online games. In fact, a lot of offers are even suggesting that you start Bitcoin mining. After all, everyone will tell you that Bitcoin miners get great payouts.…

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Watch Your Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is software that connects you to the bitcoin network. This is the first step in acquiring bitcoin. You know how it is when you send someone an email. You have to have an email address, a password, and a way of connecting to the network. It can be webmail or a program…

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